Welcome to our Blog!

Logo (Website) Outline copyA very warm welcome and thank you for exploring our blog! Here you will find regular posts that cover a wide range of topics related to the mission of Beyond the Block. These include: updates on our programs, services, fundraisers, and other goings-on a BTB; educational and informative posts about our curriculum, the students we serve, and the complex social issues that BTB engages with; and more personal posts from both our CEO, Debbie Ribera, and our Executive Assistant, Nate Micinski, about the philosophies, theories, and frameworks that underpin the organization and guide our work.

A quick disclaimer from the outset: we know we don’t have all the answers! Stick around to read a few posts and this will become readily apparent. We recognize that the problems and issues related to BTB’s mission and practice are complex. They take careful thought, consideration, and adaptation to effectively address—in fact, Debbie wrote a whole dissertation on this and still feels like she only scratched the surface! This blog is not written to establish any positions, but to practice one of the things we teach to our students; the importance of critical thinking. So we will be asking a lot of questions and seeking answers while remaining open to various points of view.

We see this blog as a dialogue—a place where you can hear us speak about our mission and where you can give us your feedback.We are a better organization with you, your support, and your input, so be sure to check back regularly to stay engaged with the conversation!